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Call us at (386) 864-1430 - a deposit of 50% is required within 5 business days of posting. Call for more details! 

You can also Contact Us through our website for any inquiries and/or reservations.

We Love PETS! Low Pet Fees:) Please Print and Bring Our Pet Waiver With You Upon Check-in!


                                                           Si Como No Inn 2481

                                                         North Ocean Shore Blvd.

                                                        Beverly Beach, FL. 32136



                               Pet Waiver and Release of Liability Si Como No Inn Property Owner


 Welcome to Si Como No Inn where we understand the relationships our owners have with their pets. The following guidelines have been created for the well being of your pet and the convenience and consideration of our other guests and staff. Our entire team hopes you and your pet are comfortable during your visit with us. Our focus is for you and your pet to have enjoyable and comfortable visits with us at Si Como No Inn. We hope your stays here are pleasant and thank you for your cooperation. We ask that the following measures be observed in the interests of your pet and our employees, guests and visitors while you are at The Si Como No Inn. • The Si Como No Inn does not have designated pet walk areas, so please be courteous and clean up after your pet. • For your pet’s safety and the safety of our staff, the staff is not permitted to enter a room when the pet is not caged unless the owner is present and watches the pet. I agree as follows: • To pay any and all additional repair costs necessitated by my pet’s stay at the Si Como No Inn should they be required. • That, in the event that my pet causes a disturbance; I will make arrangements to house my pet outside of The Si Como No Inn. The Si Como No Inn’s Management Team agree that I will be liable for any rebates that have to be given to guests should my pet be deemed to have caused a disturbance by The Si Como No Inn’s Management Team. Indemnification and Release In consideration of The Si Como No Inn allowing me to house my pet at The Si Como No Inn for the duration of my stay, I understand and voluntarily agree that I will be solely responsible for my pet and for any loss, damages, personal injuries, including death, sustained by me, my pet, any guest, individual owner, employee, agent or invitee of The Inn arising from or related to my pet’s presence at The Si Como No Inn • I Release and Agree to Hold Harmless, Indemnify and Defend Si Como No Inn together with their past or present officers, directors, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, affiliated companies, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, lawsuits, actions, debts, bills, judgments, arising from or related to my pet’s presence at The Inn. NOTE: The Si Como No Inn reserves the right to refuse to accommodate and to evict any animal that it determines, in its sole opinion, may create a hazard or disturb the quiet enjoyment to its guests, employees or property. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THAT THE FOREGOING IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. I ALSO UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT SAID RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT IS LEGALLY BINDING UPON ME, MY HEIRS AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES AND I VOLUNTARILY SIGN THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT RESERVATION. Date: _____________________________, 2009 Signature: ______________________________ Print Name: ______________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________________ Alt. Phone: _______________________________ Information about my pet: Name: _________________________________ Type and Breed: _________________________ Size/Weight: ______________________________ In the event of an emergency, where I cannot be reached, my designated contact will assume full responsibility. I agree to relinquish care of my pet to my designated contact:Designated Contact: ______________________ Cell Phone: _______________________________ As The Si Como No Inn property owner, we ask that this form be completed once and be returned to the Si Como No Inn. We will keep it on file at the Front PDesk for our reference should we need to contact you.

We Love KIDS, too!!!! No Kid Fees :)

We have 1.5 acres of pristine ocean-front property. Scenic Highway A1A runs through this property separating us from the beach. There is a walk-over to access the beach.

Surfboards, Bodyboards, Innertubes, Bicycle & Skimboard Prices

$5 per hr $10 for 3 hrs $20 for the whole day

Chair & Umbrella Rentals

$2 per hour $5 for 3 hrs $10 for the whole day

Canopy Tent Rentals (10x10)

$10 per hour $40 for the whole day

Stand Up Paddleboard & Kayak Rental Prices

Each paddleboard rental includes one paddle and life vest, Kayak rental includes 2 paddles & 2 life vests.

$25 for 2 hrs $40.00 for 4 hrs $55.00 whole day


Inquire About Extended Day and Weekly Rates Available on all Items


$125.00 double occupancy / $10.00 each add person

$750.00 weekly


Holiday and Special Event Rates

3-Day Min

$140.00 single occupancy / $20 each add

Look for early registration deals on Specials page

Pet Fee: $5.00 per day per dog

A 3-Day Rental of the Inn is required for private events. For Questions or concerns please contact us

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to reservation. Deposits are required for all reservations and, although they are not refundable, they are totally transferable for 12 months provided 48-hour notice was provided. You can send someone in your place or reschedule. 

Event Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits may be transferred if the event is cancelled 3 months before the event date(s). If the event is cancelled anytime within 3 months and 30 days of the event, 50% of the security deposit is retained and the remainder may be transferred. Cancellations within 30 days of the event: deposits are forfieted. Any other paid fees will be refunded.

There is NOT a better place to vacation with your dog.

All tile floors in rooms, plenty of room to roam, dog-friendly beach. Canine residents, U Bear and Maxwell, eagerly await your arrival. 

Be Sure To Check Out The Woof Corner  : )

We are 2.5 Miles north of the pier.

There is something for everyone. Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll send you on your way:)

Publix is 4 miles. Winn Dixie 5.5 miles.

Exit 284 to Highway 100 toward Flagler Beach. When you reach A1A, make a left and go 2.5 miles. We are the last place with an ocean view :)

Karl and I have a whole other life on our 160-acre spread in the Ozark Mountains. When we are fortunate enough to be living it, we have the deposits sent to us there for our convenience =)