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Journal Entries posted from prior guest here at the Si Como No Inn

Posted by Si Como No Inn- Flagler Beach Motel on June 28, 2009 at 3:52 PM Comments comments (10)



Thank you so much for such a memorable visit. To meet such genuine people that made us feel at home after 40 years of visits long and short. We feel we've made some friends of sort. We look foward to our next visit. To us there is no place on this coast that we will ever stay as long as you two are owners at this resort!


11-22-2007 to 11-27-2007




Heres a poem to state how my stay was here.

What light has touched the earth so blue...,turqoise skys and waves crashing have rocked me to sleep, I love it here,it's true.

Soon we all leave the sun and salty air,and drive for days back to home somewhere.

The wind has swung of countless worlds awakened. As wealth of sun guides us , and all who walk in it's beams are blessed,and creation is shakened. We are blessed beyond our imagination, so we dream ,pray,work ,live today.

Journal Entries from prior guest here at Si Como No Inn

Posted by Si Como No Inn- Flagler Beach Motel on June 28, 2009 at 3:49 PM Comments comments (4)


Oct 2008

Everybody needs this!!!!


I love you Marti

(& Karl too!)


&Sergio &Reyna



KC, Jill & Sarah


Great fun our 1 year reunion soo good to see each other& play. 1,2 many beers or was it the scotch! Sarah has a new truck, KC has a new car and guess neither knew that bother vehicle were white. HA!HA!

Great fun at the beach last night & good times at the tiki bar.

Thanks so much for the memories

Gators stomped the Noles, GO GATORS!!!


Thanks for the Hospa






We survived the first week of school ( we work there) illness,sniffles, AND tropical storm fay- and finally made it to SI Como No ! First weekend away from the baby! Nice weather despite Fay, relaxed on the beach and watched the birds and the surf, hit destination daytona , napped and went to bed early and slept late-- it was fantastic!!! now back to reality


B&A Dumortier




August 10th,2008

We are a group of 5 friends travelling from South Miami and ending up in Chicago.Had anyone ever heard of Flagler Beach??

Well, we all should have!!!!

Amazing beaches,friendly people,live fish, and great views.

Off today to St.Augustine, should be a blast. Will let you know, ok?


Julio Cand Guez





We had a wonderfull experience here. It was so fantastic to have a place to come with our pet family, Mini, Tiger, Tinkerbell, and Pumpkin. Marti is a little doll. She is a fantastic person. I would deffinitly come here again. It is so layed back!

-Dennis & Nicole





As the lanes narrow 4 to 2 the ocean creeps up onto the edge of the coastal hwy. The anxiety of the potentiall drop off is far overshawdowed by the excitment as the surf and the shrimp boats come more clearly into view. The sea disappears into the horizon, and then into the sky; creating the illusion of a infinite backdrop, capable of being touched with an eastward grasp.

The eastward draw is then upstaged by a show of light....A Blue light extending vertical in a helical spiral around the trunk of a palm. the evenings spontinaity matches the display of light making it a perfect place to make home for the night.






I came here to find my heart. I floated in the ocean. Smelled the flowers out back.

Petted the doggies.Rolled around in the bed from one end to the other.Listed to reggae. Layed out at the beach at night.

I leave here totally blissed out, breathing in every moment of life.

-Bekkah Clifford




Thurs 6/5/08

It is about llp. My girlfriend Amy & I (mandy) went to eat at hooligans, great black and blue burger.We had just spent all day at "Wet n Wild" and were starving. We were also just excited to be near a beach in a more secluded area than Orlando. We turned into little girls with just the sound of the ocean waves flowing in our ears.We went to bed to get ready for Friday & the beach.

Fri 6/6/08

Aahhhh! Beach Day!!!! Amy and I wanted a good down home breakfeast, some grocieries, and go to the little farmers market. First stop Cracker Barrell. OMG!~ Always awesome.Blueberry pancakes,biscuts,applebutter,sausage and gravy-tummy full !!! Next to the super walmart. We found some cheap beach chairs and umbrella for the beach and some cherries for the pitcher of No Problem we were going to make back at the inn. Now back to Flagler Beach. Amy needed some onions and garlic for the tuna steaks she was gonna make for me saturday night. Very cool people there and I got the last fresh pinneapple- I <3* fruit! We giggled driving back to our room because beach time was minutes away. We changed clothes, sunscreened up , pack our cooler with snack and mixed drinks and headed to the beach.

Oh wonderous beach we set up 2 huge beach towels with our cooler and umbrella and took the 2 chairs to layout at the waters edge. 4 hours later, with various shells and a little too much sun we headed in to get ready for dinner. actually ended up in St.Augustine at the Conch House.Amazing- just what we wanted. Sat in our private hut looking over marina and water. Ate oysters and scallops and full but not un comfortable. As we drove back had to have something sweet. Stopped at the BR/DD on Palm Coast Parkway. Totally hit the spot! Got back to inn, gelled our small burned areas and went to sleep content and comforable and HAPPPPY!

sat 6/7/08

Amy sleept in till 10:30 a.m. while I went to Kitchens to check and send emails. We did big load of laundry,she worked some while I took a nap.By 3 p.m. we were getting hungry. Got into comfy beach dresses, and headed down A1A to house look and find out where another good place to eat. Saw some great beach houses and ended up at The Oasis. Finally got our fresh crab legs and Amy got her new castle. Stopped at Marble Slab on way home - yummy!!!

Enjoyed some more No Problem with our ice cream and went to sleep.

sun 6/8/08

Woke up @ 9 a.m and packed everything up. We did not want to leave. We layed around , just chillen and Amy worked till we had to leave @ noon. We had the most amazing comfortable weekend here. Totally want to come back. We both needed the R&R badly.We also girfted some stuff to the inn~ENJOY!

ox-Mandy Jane&

Amy Belinda





My family and I, plus our dog, had a wonderful stay. cooked in the tiki hut, walked on the beach and smiled non stop

Thanks so much,







Total Joy staying here, and having Pat take care of my stay in your cute motel!



Reese Colous

Journal Entries from prior guest here at Si Como No Inn

Posted by Si Como No Inn- Flagler Beach Motel on June 28, 2009 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (3)


"Si Como No" inn


Possible Slogans...


Stay but dont stop!

Boy friendly inn!

Free course on living offered here!

Good Karma Welcome!

Marti's Cafe Open!

We treat you like family, only better!

All breakdowns welcome




Dear Marti & Karl,

Thank you for creating this slice of paradise. This place and you two have salvaged my family life, my inner life and pushed me forward to the rest of my life!!

i'll never forget this time , or you, or feeling, especially feeling safe at the end of the day


Patricia,Isaae,Joey & Jacob

May 2009









Mark& I had a great time here. It's just what we needed, nice quiet place to get away! We look forward to coming back.


I hope that all your plans for this place comes together.


Sherry& Mark





Dear Marti & Karl,


Works cannot express how much I (we-but Tony's still pouting cause he had to work and Im still chillen )

Have enjoyed being here, We thank you for all your hospitality. I know we will be frequent visitors.

Thank you for being who you are- you two are awesome!

May the New Year be the one where all your dreams are visualized.



January 5th,09



JANUARY 1st,2009

I welcomed the New Year at sunrise

-it was cloudy and dark at first but THEN

- the sun broke through the clouds and ray of sunshine


filled the morning sky!




Dec 31,2008

What an awesome place to celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one...

Thank you lord for such a beautiful blessing-




Thank you for such a wonderful time and especially for getting up to accomodate us so early in the morning,


We really enjoyed our stay!! as did our dogs.


What a great place you have here,Love this room, Love all the colors.


Sleeping to the sound of the ocean, well there are just not words to describe..............


WE will be back, and we will tell our friends.

-The Carters





Thank you for helping us make our first family vacation a delightful success!

The room had everything we needed and it was a freat place to call home this week as we enjoyed St.Augustine, Palm Coast,Flagler Beach & Daytona Beach.

Good luck with your sale but i hope the new owners are as pleaseant and accomodating as Marti!!!

Robert,Auntie,Fiona(1 month old)

&Seamus Stephens(our dog)




We left earlier as a walk on the beach was freezing!!!

There is a sauce in the refrigerator: good!

Thanks a lot for that unforgetable pause, That was the best stay we had in Florida and the most friendly people...

You have an open invitation to come and stay with us is South of France in Sanary bu the Mediterraneen Sea.

Here is our e-mail address


Best of luck for your sale.

LOVE,Michele and Jaques



Ciao AND Danueschon


<3 German-Guys


Journal Entries posted from prior guest here at Si Como No Inn

Posted by Si Como No Inn- Flagler Beach Motel on June 28, 2009 at 3:43 PM Comments comments (33)

Dear Karl&Marti

Words could never express how thankful I am that I Met the both of you. Thank you for your understanding and help. I will be back soon to see you !

Till then,Love you,






Had a great stay.Love the lake behind. Son was excited about everything.

Thanks for everything , thanks for the help.







Today is my fathers birthday. He died in December.

He loved walking on the beach& loved the Atlantic Ocean.

I wanted to spend his birthday here. So many things I was able 2 go & do in my real life. this place continues 2 be amazing.

I hope i make enough $ to come back for a few weeks in December!!!


"I've drawn a line in the sand.

It is a circle around me"


Rhonda K.

Natice Florida

Folk Artist





Si Como No!


I came I saw, and I conquer- Anthony B.


The sufferation of the reuge oh- when will we be free?

~Bob Marley


Doing the right this so that the little people& diabled one shown respect & equal right allows all to experience


from ala most high


JAH JAH RASTA- Brain Sterner

(a man who faught the system ,

and got by with a little help from his friends)





My home away from home! even though Bekka and I slept on the beach to watch the sunrise, comming back to take a nap, driving home today,see you next week!


Bryan Puffinburger




Thanks Marti & Karl,


for giving us a reminder of the days gone by. We love your place- great attention to detail! We'd love to come back sometime- but maybe you'll be back on your "spread" by then enjoying your kitchen


God Bless you

Ken,Cathy Ritchie




Just what I needed

Thank you

-Cindy& Sunny



Beth Stua 2 weeks ago by stualibertytax@yahoo.com


Wanted to just say I have many friends here in Flagler Beach & have known them forever, but not one of them offered us the kindness of thier hearts as you had, when we needed their help as much as we did. I concider you like family now, and want you to know that Frank and I are so greatful for all your help and happiness you braught foward to us! This place is amazing, and you have made it into more than just a hotel! You have made it into a place that guest, company, friends & family will never forget, EVER. Im looking foward to working with you and KArl and sharing my help for all you have done for us!

Love you guys very much!!!!




JUNE 2009



Love you guys











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