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  • Moka Sumatra - combines the dry,rich,cocoa understones of hard beans Nicaraguan ( in French Roast)  and the fullest body of Indonesian Sumatran. Feels lik silk on your palate. Wow!
  • Marrakesh Express - The fruity taste of  nstural Eithiopian Sidamo blended with the passionate bite of Timor make for a strong and mysterious brew. Feel the rythms in the corners of your mouth.
  • Two-Step Decaf - A delightful blend of light and dark roasted Mexican Altura Oaxaca and Chiapas beans. Smooth and nutty, with a bold finish.
  • Ring of Fire - A dark, smokin' blend from the active volcanic solils of Indonesia, Timpr, and Papua-New Guinea.
  • Uprising - Rise up singing with this soft and smooth blend of Vienna roasts: Costa Rican (hearty), Peruvian (sweet), Nicaraguan (bold and dry).

Net Wt. 16oz (454g)

100% Organic -Fair Trade Coffee! :D

Deans Bean's works closely with coffee communities to address critical health, nutrition and education needs, based on local priorites. Deans Bean's provides design, tenical, and financial assistance directly to the famers and local groups!

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$14.00 each